Hi everyone!
It’s been such a long time since I have written on this!
But bare with me, I’ve been occupied with some work and just life in general. But I am getting there.
Balancing a lot of things at the moment, and getting through a long list of  things to do.

I thought this time of the year was the best time to updating my website a little bit, include you in some of the work I have been getting up to. I haven’t revealed too much or given too much away, I’m sorry about that. But for all those who follow me on my youtube channel or on snapchat..(yes my username is iamtimchung) you might have got a small insight on what I am doing. But for everyone else, I’m changing up my website so you can get involved.

I do warn you, it won’t be an overnight change, but incremental changes, so find out what is being updated by following me on twitter @iamtimchung

iamready, are you?

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