Thanks GF Smith


Big up to GF Smith for this lovely sample by Made Thought.
I guess some of you wouldn’t understand this, but during university I received by first ever GF Smith sample which was “The Collection” after I had my business cards made using GF Smith Colorplan papers.

While at university my tutors would’ve shown us load of samples and we would always ask how we could get a hold of them. But now I am starting to get some through other people and they are just really well made and super nice! Spot the paper fan, but it gives everything I do now at work a different perspective, to try and push for more.

What I really like about this is that you can rip out sections of it without destroying it and use them as samples for meetings or for presentations. When you start ripping sections of it away, it will start to form a whole new thing itself because different colours showed depend on what sections you rip out.

Here are some photos, feel free if you want to ask me anything or want to say hi.
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