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Some of you already know but for everyone who hasn’t.
Here is a project I have been working along in the past two years.

It isn’t a graphic design project but something else a bit different!

Mixing in photography, website management, and social management.

So in the last two years, I have been working on a side project and trying to learn and teach myself as I go along.
It has been a great experience nevertheless, and I will hopefully be continuing to do it as much as I can.

The main aim of this project was to build awareness and drive in more people to know about the cafe in Belfast.

In short this is what I got up to:
– Setting up website and social media links
– Building online awareness
– Photography
– Social Media Management and producing content for posts on all social media sites
– Updating social network spaces to ensure maximum visibility to customers and tourists

This would’ve been one of the very first clients that I have built a website for, it was a steep learning curve as back then I had just learnt how to create my own personal website. Also, trying to sort out social media sites and emails was another first, but I am glad I had a nice client to work along with.
During my time working on this project, I have had the chance to art direct all the photography and give the cafe it’s own unique style.

So if none of this made sense, all the stuff I have done is still running live so go check it out.





Hopefully have some more exciting things to show you soon!
In fact I do, but all shall be revealed soon!

Hope you all will have an amazing week

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