Blog 22So pretty much 2 months ago now I started a new fundraising campaign.
Well a quirky fundraising idea, to sell notebooks that I designed to raise awareness about what I am doing this summer and about Camp Sonshine in Portugal. I am super excited to see so many notebooks being sent out literally across the globe.
Mainly UK but its understandable as shipping costs etc.

So I am almost hitting my minimum target but with still a good bit to go.
I have added more items into my shop that are all going to be going towards my fundraising idea, expanding from notebooks to photo prints.

Currently I have added A6 Photo Prints, which are postcard sized.
If you or your friend have one of these, you’ll know they are high quality prints and not cheap prints.
Quality over quantity in my perspective, so there aren’t many of them. Roughly about 10 of each!

So go check them out!
£1 each and if you want, if you wanted bigger quantities of them please get in contact and we can sort a deal out.

Get a notebook and start journalling about your summer adventures!

And while you are adventure get a photo taken and tag me to show me.

Also a MASSIVE shoutout to everyone who has bought a notebook so far, who has donated without buying a notebook you are all FABULOUS people!

Donate without purchasing a notebook:

Sponsor a child:

Find out more:

Camp Sonshine Portugal Info:

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